Need to be kept on track? Hey, that’s what I can do with you! Awesome. 





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Why Me?

I understand what it’s like when you can make a plan but your body or brain doesn’t let you follow through on it. I can supportively keep you on track without being the “well if you wanted it, you would have pushed through and done it” wanker. Well, you can start an accountability relationship with a fellow business person. In fact, I have done that before too. and while it’s great for relationships and some networking, I’ve found it doesn’t always work so great for the actual purpose, accountability. Everyone in the group is always more invested in themselves than others, and that’s fine. Your business is your focus. But where mutual support can sometimes not help move you forward, I can. And (ugh I hate to say this but I have found it can be true), having some “skin in the game” does mean you aim to make the most of it. I have to say, and I hate to admit this, free stuff (omg especially training does anyone else have a folder full of free training they haven’t watched?) get “done” way less than anything I paid for.


What do we do?

Weekly email support to set a theme for the week, strategy to attach ideal tasks to the theme. referrals to resources that I think could help you. (Note this is not systems review or unlimited support.) An ear to agree if it was a great (or shit) week.


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