Winter Dressing

Brisbane seems to have gotten winter all of a sudden this year. Naturally, this was on Monday morning. Perfect!! 


I do have a reverse cycle air conditioner in my house, though to save money, I try not to use it if I can help it. 



But when you get up & it’s 6 degrees & you step out of bed onto cold wooden floors at 5.45am, you need a little something!! 


Maybe this just comes into my issues of being happy to get up early for anything except work…


My technique last year was to have my clothes ready the night before, run with them into the bathroom in the morning, turn the hot tap of the shower on & let it steam while I dash into the (separate) toilet. 


Then I turn the hot water off & hey presto, I’ve heated a small room so I’m not freezing to get dressed. (Thankfully I don’t wear make up, or else the steamed up mirror would be an issue.) 


I figure that heating a small room for a few minutes must be cheaper than heating a large room slowly, and for longer. 


Plus, if I put the big heater on, I would probably just fall back asleep on the couch & forget to go to work… 


How do you keep warm in the mornings? 

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