My blog has been a bit quiet the past week or two. I occasionally vented on twitter, but I haven’t really posted.


I’ve had about two straight weeks where I just feel like nothing can go right. Nothing is big, but so many little things going wrong is just adding up and making me feel like crap. A lot of these things surround companies who won’t provide a basic standard of service.


For example:

  • My temp agency doesn’t think I have a right to claim back money when I was forced into doing at work that was WAY beyond my job description.
  • I tried to return a faulty pair of jeans to Big W and was told I couldn’t have the full price back from them.
  • I bought a new pair of jeans from Target that were incorrectly priced and am having troubles gaining a refund for the overpayment amount.
  • I’ve had a broken light switch in my house for over three weeks and my real estate can’t seem to work out how to send an electrician to fix it.
  • For the second time ever I forgot my Go Card. I hadn’t gotten money out of my account yet this week and I only had a little change on me. It wasn’t enough for a paper ticket, but they wouldn’t let me pay on Eftpos as it was below their minimum.


As well as quite a few other things.


Now yes, I do complain to companies when things go wrong. I also send thanks to companies when they provide good service. I provide careful and considered feedback to the company head office. I suggest improvements and why the improvements would be good for them. I do not yell at their floor staff (even when I would love to!), because I know the fault is usually with the system and the staff do not have the power to change it.


And yet, I am getting nowhere with ANY of these things right now. I don’t want to become a complaining whinger.


But I think service is important – so important. I’ve been told by people my standards are too high. I don’t think I have high standards. I want simple and open communication from people who are there to sell to and help customers.


These things are coming at an expense to me – and we are a single income family right now. These things inconvenience me and cost a lot to me. And all these things keep me away from the things I need to be concentrating on – my businesses, my husband’s recovery, my dog’s medical issues, supporting my mother through a really difficult time right now, helping my mother-in-law with getting around while her car is out of action … I do wonder which things are worth the fight sometimes.


But I also think that the less people who complain when things go wrong, the less incentive the companies have to fix things and keep providing good service to their customers. I am overwhelmed. Right now I don’t get enough sleep or exercise. I have no interest in food. I am tired and aching. I drove home crying the other day and I can’t even remember why. Is this depression? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I do have happy days and sad days. I can enjoy things. I was beyond thrilled the other night when a Mythbusters episode tested square wheels. (I am a huge Mythbusters fan girl.)


I just think I’m not taking enough care of myself, which exacerbates the sad feelings when things go wrong. I need to take more action for myself. I miss the gym. I like putting a movie or tv show on my iPad and cycling or walking/jogging for a while. I know the endorphins would make me feel better too.


I think this is a rut. And I think I’m not forcing myself to dig my way out of the rut. But after two weeks of a rut, at least I’ve realised that it is a rut – now I can take action.


The other morning I was really annoyed. So I stopped off for a hot chocolate on the way to work. I let someone go in front of me when the platform was busy, because no one else would ‘give way’ to them. It’s all about how you deal with things. It’s a long road, but recognising when things are wrong is the first step. When you can’t recognise it, you can’t fix it.


I’ve been feeling better for a day or two now, but in all honesty I feel I could slip back into the rut very fast. I need to work on myself. And I think the key right now is forcing myself back into exercise.

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