Mother’s Day

I have no memory of celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day growing up. For all I know we did, but I just don’t remember it.

I don’t speak to my father & my mother lives on the opposite side of the planet to me, so these are non-events for me each year, biologically speaking.

My in laws live close to us & we usually try to do something. We were considering Sizzler this year. Only then we saw that it was nearly $27 per person. Yikes! With family on disabled, old age & student payments, that will just never happen! (Plus, I was worried that because it was breakfast, they wouldn’t be doing cheesy toast. And that’s most of the reason I like Sizzler.)

I’m not sure what our plans will be for the day this year.
I did suggest that if we all still wanted to put in $27 each, we could eat an amazing amount of bacon at the bbqs by the beach together :)
Who knows, that plan may work out!


What do you do for Mother’s Day?

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