Winter Outdoor Lifestyle

Winter Outdoor Lifestyle

This is a sponsored post for Gumtree Australia.


Winter. Cold. Not really the time of year that you think of as being outdoors. Even here in the South East Queensland suburbs, it’s getting down to single digits overnight. I can already hear other states laughing, but cold is cold.

Winter Outdoor Lifestyle

Living in Queensland, I’m not used to not being ‘able’ to be outdoors. So I decided to look into how I could make the outdoors more comfortable in winter.


Naturally, if you want to stay warm outdoors, you’ll need a heat source. And what heat source is better than a giant fire pit/brazier:

Gumtree Sponsored Big Fire Pit or Brazier
A lot of outdoor heat for only $120!


Or, if you’re not quite at that level of pyromaniacal delight, you could try a smaller brazier:

Gumtree Sponsored Post: Winter Outdoor Lifestyle, Braziers


And of course, if you buy a brazier, you’ll need firewood:


Gumtree firewood


And tongs to move the wood around:

Gumtree winter tongs fire pokers

Then there’s the excuse to cook some goodies on a grill plate over the fire:

Grill plate gumtree


If you’re really ambitious and dedicated to enjoying the outdoors in winter, you could even hire a spit roast!!

Gumtree Lifestyle Outdoors Winter: Spit Roast


How do you enjoy the outdoors in winter? What’s the best bargain you’ve found on Gumtree?


12 Replies to “Winter Outdoor Lifestyle”

  1. We bought a fire pit last winter when we went away for a few days and stayed somewhere we could use it. We then went back to our unit where it stayed in storage, but now we are in a house, we have enjoyed a few fires in the back yard! We bought our son’s loft bed on gumtree – glad we didn’t buy it brand new because he only slept in it a few months then was over it and wanted his normal single bed back! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

    1. There’s nothing better than a warm fire in winter! We’re waiting until the Ekka winds have passed here in Brisbane and then planning a family firepit afternoon 🙂
      I was thinking of finding a loft bed or bunk bed on Gumtree recently and turning it into a reading cave 🙂

  2. I love gumtree! I’m always on there buying and selling. I have to say our best bargain was an antique Italian tea cart (my husband loves his antiques) that was left to this man by his parents. He didn’t think much of antiques and just wanted to get rid of it. They’re selling for $800+ on ebay but we got it for only $90!

    1. Oh wow, that is a huge bargain!! I’m a long time Gumtree user, but I have to say, I probably overprice things so I’m not the best second hand seller 🙂

  3. I hate winter and this year Brissie is turning it on big time. That is one thing I miss about the cold is being able to sit outside comfortably, so I avoid it until it heats up again. My outdoor area is not the right shape for a brazier or similar. xx N

    1. That’s when blankets inside are the winner!! 🙂 At least there’s only another month or so until the worst has passed here.

  4. We have one of those small braziers! Must get hubby to fire it up one evening…
    Seriously though, my parents who live in the coldest place in the state bbq year-round. I remember my brothers 21st, middle of July, a hundred guests and all quite happy huddled around outdoor heaters and blazing 44-gallon drums! Crazy.

    1. That sounds like a pretty nice 21st! 🙂

  5. That small brazier is great – I so wish we had a backyard to be able to do this.

    1. I love having a yard, even if we didn’t have a dog, there are just so many reasons I’m not an apartment person. Especially the ability to do stuff like have a fire!

  6. Real fire is pretty fun, but not with toddlers! In Melbourne winter I prefer to stay indoors with my central heating:)

    1. Ooh, that would be a difficult challenge! Heating does win out a lot, even in my wimpy Brisbane winter 🙂

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