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As winter comes in (finally), it’s time to embrace the comfort feelings that go with winter. The snuggly throws. The pops of colour to spark up the grey skies. Brisbane’s winters are so very mild that it seems a bit excessive to really have special winter items, but there’s nothing wrong with an excuse for an indulgence!


My new Life Style category of posts are what I’ve scoped from around the internet. If anything does become gifted, it will always be disclosed clearly. 


Winter Comforts Homewares LifeStyle
All images from the websites listed below.

Clockwise from Top Left:

Target Cushion $10 | Kmart Coral Fleece Blankets $20 each | Down That Little Lane Ottoman $199 | Country Road Cushion $79.95 | Zanui Scribble Blanket $202.46


And of course, the more throws and cushions you have around you, the more places you need to be able to put them.


Baskets Life Styling Homewares
All images from the websites below.

Left to right:

Harris Scarf Basket $12 | Target Set of 3 Baskets $18 | Karma Living Basket $34.95 | Howards Storage World Towel Basket $22


What’s your winter comfort styling item?


8 Replies to “Lifestyle Comforts”

  1. For years I have neglected styling items. I never saw the point and I preferred spending my money on travel and adventures.

    Now that I’m home a lot with a baby, I look around and see how bare the place is. Now I find myself in these stores more often than not!

    I haven’t found any winter styling items yet but due to some amazing gifts for my birthday, my collection of pineapple themed items is growing. (They don’t keep me warm though)!

    1. I don’t have any either, but like you, with a bit more time at home now, it makes you want them! I still usually go for function first though.

  2. I love a good throw during Winter… and also during summer when I have the ducted air con on and feel a bit cool. Love that Ottoman!

    1. That ottoman just says “wine with the girls” to me haha.

  3. We have throws over all our couches because we let our little dogs sit on them. It’s protective as well as decorative. I love the basket idea for when guests pop in and the dogs are put out the back 🙂

    1. Haha very practical, my dog leaves hair EVERYWHERE!

  4. That ottoman is beautiful!

    1. I know! It looks so comfy.

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