Chick Lit Action

I only recently started reading a few chick lit books, mostly because I had never read any. I don’t really have a genre as a reader, I like to dabble in a bit of everything. So when I came across some chick lit books at a garage sale, I figured I could buy them an give the genre a go.


But here’s where I’m having a problem. I feel like most of these writers are pretty good, but nothing happens in the book until about three-quarters of the way through. Then the pace picks up and the book feels nice and meaty.


However, any real resolution only comes in the last couple of pages. Is it because the stories are relatively simple and can’t be wrapped up in a few chapters?


After finishing a book yesterday afternoon, I felt a little let down. I had enjoyed the story well enough, but having it all wrapped up in a few pages just didn’t feel like much of a payoff for reading the entire book. I mean, if a few pages is all it took to explain everything, then why not just make it a short story instead of a novel?


Being new to chick lit, is this just what it’s like? Am I being too judgey?


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