What I Loved: Books


This week has been long. Not all in a bad way, but in a lack of time way mostly. I had work every day and somehow had something on or to do (tax, yuck) every night. So it’s fair to say I was looking forward to the weekend.


Chicken Burger
I had an interview in the middle of a long work day this week – I usually bring my own lunch but I was just hungry and wanted something huge and now, so I bought this chicken burger from a cafe.


SFC Boneless Bucket
I saw this in Coles and thought it looked reminiscent of something else…


For me, the worst part of working full time and in an office is the lack of time I get to spend in ‘real’ air. There’s a certain amount of irony in that I have the air conditioning on at home as I write this, but hey, tidying is sweaty work! So on the weekends, I try to spend at least a little time enjoying being outside.


View from our breakfast BBQ yesterday.



I’ve been making an effort to read books written by bloggers recently. I don’t have a set taste in books, I jump around a fair bit. The closest I’ve gotten to defining a genre for myself is “interesting non fiction”. But I also have fictional books set in Ancient Egypt, so yeah. I’m not a genre person in books, nor a niche person in blogging.


I first saw this book at the Good Food and Wine Show – I was drawn to it because the design was very nice. Sure enough, I find out that it’s a book by a blogger! Bloggers have good taste (pun intended). I managed to find it in my local library and picked it up last week.


What Katie Ate


Then, on Friday night I stopped by the library because I had received an email saying that another book I had reserved was ready to be picked up. Yay! Perfect timing for weekend reading. The book is Quiet, by Susan Cain. Clint Greagan (also known as Reservoir Dad) recommended this book to me when we were chatting at ProBlogger.


Quiet by Susan Cain


I picked the book up off the reserve shelf and took it up to the check out counter so I could pay my 65c reservation fee. The librarian scanned my card and said there was another book ready for pick up that I had reserved. I went back to the shelf, found my name, and this book:


Reservoir Dad by Clint Greagan


So that was a slightly creepy coincidence. I had only put a hold on the book that morning!


What other bloggers have written books? I’ve read NQN’s book and I’m in the queue for Unlock Your Style at the library. 


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  1. The Bloggess! Been wanting to read hers forever. The lady who writes Life in a Pink Fibro has written a few I think. Kerri Sackville has at least one (although I didn’t get through the one I borrowed from the library), food blogger My Darling Lemon Thyme has a cookbook. Hmmm, will let you know of any others I think of!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Ah yes, The Bloggess’ book – I accidentally had that out of the library for so long that I may as well have just bought it, the fines were so high 🙂
      I’ve read one of Kerri’s, might have to dig up the others.
      And I totally forgot about Allison’s books – I knew there were heaps of others. Thanks 🙂

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