What I Loved: Wowzer Edition

Beach Drink

This week had a lot of things NOT to love in it, frankly. But as I sat down to do my weekly flick through photos and see what I had been up to, it really reminded me there were a lot of good parts to it. Mammoth, wowzer  of a week.


On Tuesday, I launched my first ever free mini eCourse, the #BlogContentChallenge – which I only mapped out on Monday. And you know what I have to say? If you want to do something, just do it. This was small and easy to finish off/edit inbetween the rest of my week. Blog Content Challenge


Wednesday was long, and a bit painful at times. Just too much on, too disjointed and too much driving around Brisbane. I knew it would be a tiring day for me, so I went out to the beach first thing that morning for alone time – also known as tea time and shit that wind is cold time.

Beach Drink

I was invited to a FRANKiE4 event on Wednesday night, and picked what I want to be my new work shoes:


Frankie4 Shoes

Again, beach time and a computer break was called for this week. I still make patterns in the sand as I walk like when I was a kid:


Beach Feet

I was dragged out to the shops one evening because my husband complained he didn’t have any tracksuit pants for winter. His last pair were totally worn out and thrown at the end of last winter. I was a bit sick of leaving the house but apparently telling him to just be cold isn’t very nice. In the end, I won too because I bought these blue velour trackie dacks in Kmart and I couldn’t be happier with them:


blue velour

At some point during the week I had totally forgotten that I had blue cheese in the fridge, which was shameful, but then I was very excited by the fact I had blue cheese, so it kind of evened out:

Blue Cheese

In case you haven’t heard, Brisbane was hammered by a very severe storm on Friday, with unbelievably fast flash flooding that I was nearly caught in, twice, by circumstances out of my control. While that side of things was incredibly shit, I ended up stranded in a shopping centre for a while and bought a min pork burger for dinner from Bucking Bull, which was really nice (and it made me forget how fucked I was for a little while):

mini pork burger

After strandings, floodings and the most horrifically traumatic drive of my life, I was never as happy to be home as I was on Friday, and so very grateful for a hot shower and clean pjs:

home and dry

My brain was frazzled & exhausted from Friday night, so I caught the bus to work on Saturday and took an overnight bag, just in case. It was partially to be prepared but mostly because I scored this bag that I love a while ago in an op shop for $4 ($4, Rah, $4!!) and it was an excuse to use it for the first time! What can I say? Until I’m working more hours than I am right now I can’t afford a night away anywhere so I’ll take any excuse 🙂

overnight bag first use

I expected the bus to take forever, but it got me to work well over an hour early, so subway and reading time was magically created. Ok by me!

book and subway

This morning we had a family brunch by the beach. This was only one of the two bbqs we crammed with food. It was good! I actually haven’t eaten since, I ate so much this morning. I was going to take a photo of the other bbq too, but I got distracted when my mother in law let slip that she was given the same DSLR as me (a Canon 7D, if you’re curious) and she scored some cheap lenses on Gumtree.

family brunch bbq

And one of those lenses she got online is one I have been drooling over for years. So I kind of abandoned any pretense of helping with the bbq, stole her camera and the new lens, and ran around the beachside playing with it. It’s ok though, I also gave her a photography lesson (I refuse to let people use DSLRs on auto) to make up for abandoning helping with the food.


And that was my week! I started what I loved to make sure I had positive reflection time at the end of each week and this week it has really, really helped to see how many good moments there were in between a lot of crappy things I can’t write about online!


Tell me something about your week!



5 Replies to “What I Loved: Wowzer Edition”

  1. Wow, what a week! I admit, I miss living near the beach for a bit of time out!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I can’t imagine going back to not living by the beach now.

  2. Oh yes the massive storm on Friday night!! How huge was that! So glad I was safe and sound in my house….sorry for all the other thousands of people stranded though :(.

    One thing from my week (Sunday), we had what was supposed to be 6 people over to watch the big boxing fight, which then turned into 30 people!! I was super stressed but still had fun. My house was trashed big time – I wish I took a photo to prove my whinging. xo

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I know, I thought I had a shitty evening but I had it light compared to others – at least I could escape the flash flooding fairly quickly.

      30 people wow – I don’t even know if I could fit 30 people in my house haha. It’s small!

  3. Oh my goodness! How horrific was the rain! I was at the City Hall having my graduation and my Mum almost missed it because of the river flooding at the end of Vulture St. Aaaaargh!

    But I’m glad you looked for the positivity in your week. It’s always inspiring when people can do that.

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