What I Loved: Coming Down

Baby Llama

“Coming Down” is probably a bit of a strange title, but that’s kind of how this week felt to me. It wasn’t crazy, it was a new normal I was finding.


We ran into my mother-in-law outside the supermarket and she gave us this really nice loaf of bread. The only problem is that she was given it for free by the bakery so we have no idea what it was and we want MOAR! I think it was a herby sourdough…I’m thinking of taking the photo back in and saying “This. More. Now!”


Awesome Bread


I walked outside for lunch one day at work last week and there was a baby llama on a leash. It was SO CUTE:


Baby Llama


I keep being too lazy/tired to bring my own lunch, which is expensive and delicious and has to stop.


Katsu Don


My awesome healing powers have once again been put to their test. Two weeks ago I hurt my finger at work and it was nearly deep enough for stitches. Yesterday, two weeks to nearly the hour, you can barely see where I was cut.


Awesome Healing


Last night I had a perfect nerd night. I finally bit the commentary bullet with Firefly and some glasses of wine. It was a perfect night in by my standards!


Firefly Commentary


What have you loved this week?



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  1. Llama!!

    Hmm, what have I loved this week? Finally (like one minute ago) having gotten around to changing the title on my book from Your Best Year Yet to Your Best Year Ever (long story), doing some edits, getting it proofread, reformatting the Kindle and print version and getting them off to print!

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