The Itch

I have the itch again.


Not the 7 year itch (because I think we’re currently at 10 years together – I’m not great with dates) but the spring related itch.


I’m not a huge sneezer, thankfully. Of course the exception to that is when I am on public transport with only two tissues on me. Then I’ll have a big sneezing fit. Because Murphy’s law is a bitch. 


It’s the itch that seems to come around for me this time of year.


I’ll get a mozzie bite, but it will itch for days.


My skin will get dry and crack ever so slightly, and it will itch for a week.


Ironically, spring is also my favourite season – because here it’s low humidity, so I can actually enjoy being outside without drowning in sweat. Gross, but true.


Does spring make you itchy? How do you deal with it?!


2 Replies to “The Itch”

  1. Very cleverly written! I get a little itchy during spring but it’s the sneezing I suffer more from!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      A few years ago it was the sneezing for me, but now it has morphed into the itch!

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