I Hate Shoe Shopping

sneakers and flats

This probably isn’t news, and probably isn’t the first time I’ve complained about shoe shopping on here. And it probably won’t be the last. But I’m sick of it.


A few weeks ago on a Sunday, I went to the shops super early, scored two pairs of shoes, and was out before most of the shops had even opened.


I was SO freaking proud of myself.


sneakers and flats


Only…they haven’t gone so well. The black shoes on the right were supposed to be my every day work shoes. But the strap across my foot just never stayed down. I gave up wearing them because it was annoying. I also didn’t want to drive in them in case they came loose while driving – it didn’t seem safe.


I returned the black shoes last weekend to Big W and got store credit. (Which I spent on pants, because I lived in my comfy cotton pants all winter and have nearly worn them out.)


Because the black shoes failed on me, I had been wearing my old flats to work, but they were so old the cushioning had compacted a lot and I was walking on hard rubber soles with a square pattern, and they were giving me a fair bit of pain.


So, onto the blue sneakers. Yep, even for work. Comfort is my priority. (Besides, my feet are under a desk most of the day, so who cares? Not me!)


Two weeks into wearing the blue sneakers to work (and on weekends, these are seriously comfy sneakers) I had an issue:




The freaking elastic was about to rip. Seriously!? I know I only paid $20 for each of these pairs of shoes (though they were originally $40) and I’m not expecting Big W clothes/shoes to last me a lifetime, but I’m talking 3-4 weeks here. It’s ridiculous. They should last longer than two dozen wears!


So it looks like I’ll be back to Big W some time this weekend for another return.


But that doesn’t solve the issue that I need some freaking shoes!


I have a hard time buying shoes:

  1. I have size 10-11 feet
  2. I have wide feet
  3. I have a limited budget
  4. They must be supportive and comfortable as I have a bad ankle tendon


Generally speaking, I’ve liked Big W’s leather comfort range. I’ve been buying them on and off for a year or two and they last me 9-12 months – which isn’t bad for $20-$40 shoes. I’m very put off by this latest experience though.


Now, I am totally aware of the fantastic brands that offer comfy shoes (FRANKiE 4, for example,. as I went to an event of theirs earlier this year). While I don’t doubt the quality and comfort and value of shoes in that brand and others like them…I also don’t have the upfront cash of $200+ to buy a pair.


There’s also the practicality part – we’re coming into storm season here and that means walking through puddles and storms and ankle deep water multiple times over the next few months. I don’t want to ruin expensive shoes and I refuse to wear one type of shoe at work and one type to commute… that is WAY beyond my patience (aka give a fuck) level.




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  1. I also have big feet (size 12!) And I find the Diana Ferrari range to be very good. If you head to DFO you can get them at a reasonable price and they last for ages.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      That’s a good tip, thanks! I always kind of forget DFO exists because I don’t like shopping.

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