Stop Watching TV!

Stop Watching TV!


I’m a little sick of reading people who have written this – though I also have a strong feeling I’ve been guilty of saying this in the past! A) Guilty as charged and B) Things change with time!


“Don’t have any spare time? How much time do you spend watching reality TV?!”


Well, personally, none. Reality TV isn’t my jam. But here’s the thing. People are denigrating the act of watching TV and I worry that it’s actually to the detriment of others.


I don’t watch reality TV, but I’m partial to relaxing with Big Bang Theory, Simpsons or Futurama reruns on TV in the evening.


Did you notice the key word there? Relaxing.


I’m sure I could light a candle and chant, but there’s a reason I was kicked out of meditation in high school. It’s also not my jam any more than reality TV is.


I work 4 days (sometimes 5 days) a week, have a long commute, and work on my blogs most days after work. If I want to plonk my arse on the couch and watch some reruns, so be it.


Watching TV is NOT always an ineffective use of time.


Do you watch TV to unwind? Do you think it’s effective?


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  1. I don’t watch a huge amount of TV but my hubby and I do like to watch TV series on Netflix. Mind you we’re lucky to get through 1 episode before I fall asleep!

    1. Haha that’s me – I’ll start watching tv show episodes and just zonk right out.

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