Biggest Fashion Flop

Biggest Fashion Flop

Biggest Fashion Flop


Well, seeing as I shop for comfort and not looks, I generally don’t care much about flopping when it comes to fashion.


However, in 2014 (I think it was 2014, anyway) I was at the ProBlogger Conference at the QT hotel on the Gold Coast. I had wandered down to breakfast on the day after the conference had finished. Filled my plate from the yummy buffet… sat down in a warm, golden corner to eat…and realised I was wearing clothes inside out.




Biggest Fashion Flop


Of all the places to forget how to freaking get dressed…yep, in fashion blogger central.


The good thing is that I am usually too lazy to be embarrassed, so I decided that I was actually starting a new trend and everyone else was dressed wrong.


Total win from a flop!!


Do you just pretend you meant to do it when you have a fashion flop?

7 Replies to “Biggest Fashion Flop”

  1. Definitely starting a new trend there and what a place to start one. 🙂

  2. Ha ha, that’s so funny but it has happened to me too, and it happened to my mum just the other day!

  3. Oops. Were you the ‘only one’ who noticed? I think at those big functions EVERYONE is worried about how they look not anyone else!

  4. I did that with a cardi on the way to work once but a kind lady on the train gave me the heads-up! And if Kriss Kross can do back-to-front then who are they to say that inside-out is wiggidy wiggidy wack?

  5. LOL I’ve done that before, when I went to church wearing something inside out …

  6. Oh man, I was at Problogger 2014 and we didn’t meet. Will have to do so one of these days Vanessa!

  7. Yep. I’ve done this. But not with such a huge audience. Yay to starting a new trend!

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