Best Birthday Ever

Best Birthday Ever

Ok, corny factor warning. I’m going WAY outside of my comfort zone here, because when I read this week’s I Must Confess prompt, I could only think of one birthday story. And it’s corny.


Best Birthday Ever


Best Birthday Ever


When I first moved back to Australia from living overseas, I was 19. I know, most people move overseas at that age, and I was already getting back!


I’m not a big birthday person, mostly because I can’t afford to hire an adult jumping castle. So what I did for my 20th was meet some friends for a picnic on one of the grassy hills near the beach at Southbank in Brisbane.


I met up with some friends – it turns out a friend I had only via LiveJournal (anyone remember those days?) was friends with the person whose job I took over. Small world, right?


And one of their mutual friends from high school is my husband.


Can you guess where this is going?


We had already met a few times. He was working night shift at this time. So normally, in the evening after work, he would still be asleep before his shift. Nope. He gave up sleep and came all the way into the city (a good 30-4okm from where he was working) just to hang out for maybe an hour.


Cue the AWWWWWs, right?


5 Replies to “Best Birthday Ever”

  1. I totally had (have) a Livejournal! I’ve got people on Facebook now that I’ve never met but I’ve known longer than my husband, haha.

  2. Awww! That’s such a cool story Ness – thanks for sharing this as your best birthday ever!

  3. Awwwww that IS a nice story.

    Mick used to drive from his work place to my parents house (an hour or more drive) just to see me when we first started going out. Those were the days! Now he’s probably sick of the sight of me! lol

  4. That IS a memorable birthday! I don’t have any special GOOD birthday stories – I’m hoping it’s because they’ve all been pretty good, though there have been some notable exceptions LOL

  5. That is so lovely! best.birthday.ever. for sure!

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