Writing For Me

A Novel Journal

In the past week, I had a particularly horrible day. And while I didn’t turn it around as such, something great has come out of it.


Writing For Me


It started with me purchasing a very funky notebook that I’ve been lusting after. They’re called Novel Journals and not only are they stunning, but the lines on the pages are actually novels. I chose the title becuase it meant something to me, particularly on that bad day.


A Novel Journal



Novel lines


And ever since, I promised myself I would write something in it every day. Something creative. It’s easy to be thoughtful on a blog like this but I’ve long worried I’m not creative often. It doesn’t have to be, or world changing, or anything. It just has to be something. Most of it I am not likely to share online as it’s a private creative process. However, I wrote this last night and I wanted to share it:


We claw our way to perfection,

Through hills and valleys.

Gorges threaten to overwhelm us,

But the river floats us away.


Do you have a private creative practice? 




8 Replies to “Writing For Me”

  1. I don’t Vanessa, but I do want to start doing more writing again. I think I’ve seen my book reviews as a bit of a chore lately (downside of reading!) but I love writing so much I need to get back into the habit. Am thinking of trying to post daily in September and write about stuff OTHER than books.

    1. I did quite well with reviews at uni when I was taking some literature classes, but I don’t think I enjoy writing them much. Did you decide on the daily post? Or maybe do that as a ‘bad’ NaNo in November.

  2. I think that is a wonderful start there Vanessa! I like you knowing that you need the creative brain to kick in. It’s great when it does. I’m finding some of my art is an outlet there right now and actually blogging is helping too! The notebook looks really interesting. I hope that THIS week you are more caring of you!!

    1. I know I push aside the creative brain when I get too much on.

  3. Wow. How cool is that journal!!

    1. It is so funky. There are quite a few of them too.

  4. I love that journal too – and a really positive approach to getting though a tough week. Well done!

    1. I can’t say it was all positive but it helped a lot.

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