Randoms 6

Randoms 6

I’ve been feeling a bit average for a few days. Not sick sick, just like I’ve overdone it. Except that “overdoing it” isn’t much. On Sunday I was at home apart from a quick trip to Kmart, the chemist and Coles – all of which are in the same small shopping centre. And Monday I went to work.


But my body just feels crappy and stressed and blah. My new daily prescription anti-inflammatories are taking the worst of the aches and pains away but I’m left with a constant lingering discomfort. It’s like having the feeling you’re about to get a headache, but constantly & everywhere. Also, I feel like I’ve put on 50kgs because my neck is just puffy all the time now. Joys of tonsils…


So today I decided not to go into work. I need to keep myself as healthy as possible (and rest is a big part of that), because…


Randoms 6


Randoms 6


The News You’ve* All Been Waiting For


*You’ve = Me’ve.


Drumroll please!


I have a tentative date for my tonsillectomy! And, even better, it’s in less than a month. Now, I’m calling it tentative because the hospital has already seemingly lost me once in the system, so I’ll believe it when the paperwork arrives in the mail.


While I’m still not exactly looking forward to the actual surgery – I’ve never had surgery and frankly I think it’s strange to be looking forward to being conked out while people burn sensitive internal parts of my body off – I’m looking forward to not having tonsils and the post-recovery benefits of the surgery.


The recovery itself – well I’m still confused about how bad that will be. The ENT told me it wouldn’t be as bad as the pain I described when I had strep & glandular fever, but then went back to telling me it was a tough recovery for adults and not to underestimate it. So I still have no idea. The woman I was speaking to at the hospital yesterday said that you take paracetamol constantly (as in, don’t let it wear off) for at least the first 7 days, and that generally you are also given endone to take as needed for the bad days.


And a chemist advised I buy childrens liquid paracetamol in case I can’t swallow tablets (and to adjust the dose to an adult dose, easy to do), which I think is amazing advice and I’m going to make sure I have some on hand just in case I need it.


I’m nearly finished with another mega course of penicillin so I’m a bit concerned that when I’ve taken them all in another few days, I’ll get the tonsillitis back again. My GP said that is quite likely to happen until the bastards* get cut out.


*my words, not hers.


The Time I May Have Traumatised A Child In Coles

The good news is that I’m tolerating all the big doses of antibiotics pretty well overall. All of these things can cause some fairly crappy (pun intended) gut-based consequences. Mine are “empty stomach” ones, so I can only take them 2 hours after eating AND half an hour before. It means I’m constantly setting timers on my phone and being cranky from being hungry. And wow, you should hear my stomach when I’ve just taken the antibiotics. It is loud and cranky for that half hour until I can eat.


One such time it was being loud and cranky was last week when we were doing our fortnightly grocery shopping. I was waiting with the trolley while Ben went back to get something. My stomach was doing its empty thing when I needed to fart. I was standing out of the way, so I did.


Turns out a kid was walking past and heard it. Based on height, I’d guess they were mid-late primary school age, and based on my expert (aka zero) experience of children, they are of the age where if someone farted in class, it would be SUPER hilarious and fart-based nicknames would ensue for at least the next week.


The kid turned to look at me and was about to start that kind of laughing, expecting me to react embarrassed. So I just benignly smiled at him, because I’m far too tired of being sick to care about a fart. He looked shocked, and turned back to the (I assume) parent he was with, and looked like he tried to explain it. The parent was focused on the shopping, and ignored the kid, so he was left to deal mentally on his own. He kept walking with the parent and kept looking back. He looked really unsure as to what he was supposed to do when I wasn’t embarrassed at my fart.


So yeah, sorry locals, if you have traumatised kid talking about a smiling farting person in Coles, that was me.



Katies and Millers have nearly identical sales these days. They also send their emails at nearly identical times. Same as Dominos and Pizza Hut. I know you can tell when is the best time to send emails using data within mailing software, but these two pairs are so identical in both timing of emails and offers that it seems like a rather large coincidence.


Heat Packs

How good are heat packs? Our last one died due to velcro failure, and I was cranky at the cost of them. I mean, $20 for something I could sew myself? Of course, I haven’t pulled out my sewing machine in years and as if I could be bothered to actually sew it myself. My heat pack is my go-to woobie right now. Especially as we’re getting winterey weather.


And it’s QLD, so remember, wintery weather means below 25 degrees.



The certificate for the postgrad study I was doing last year arrived. And my name was even in the program, even though I couldn’t go to my graduation!


Graduation Program


Random Photos

I think it has been a while since I’ve put random photos in a post, so I’m going to do some of that.


Some 5min (cos 2 min is so last year) noodles.


My dolphin being a creep:


And now I realise it’s really boring to do random photos when you haven’t actually been anywhere or done anything because you’ve spent most of the past two months at work or on the couch/in bed.


What’s something random that has happened to you recently? Accidentally traumatise any kids? 


18 Replies to “Randoms 6”

  1. Good news about the surgery (hopefully) and that you can see you may be better again one day. Being chronically sick is sooooo wearing. I have a heat pad which is an electric plug in one and is the best comfort ever. I do hope that the next month flies by and you are tonsil-less soon. BIG congrats for the graduation! Uni work and its results should be rewarded and praised. It IS a big deal.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I hope it all comes together as planned with the surgery. The date I’ve got is pretty much perfect for work deadlines and leave balances too. And it’s a weekend so my MIL can drive me to the hospital. And it’s morning surgery so hopefully by the afternoon I’ll be home in bed recovering. Really, really keeping my fingers crossed.
      And thank you – uni was a challenge last year but it was so nice to study again in subjects that really challenged me.

  2. I had mine taken out years ago and was the best thing I could have done. It took me nearly a year to finally feel amazing but now I do not often get sick. #teamIBOT

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      That’s nearly the exact thing that someone taking my blood said to me the other week. She said it was 6-12 months she still got sick and then her body just started working well and stopped getting sick with every cold. I hope that happens for me!

  3. yay for a date! and as for random farts, let’s just say pregnancy and small babies does weird things to your bowel!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha that’s probably why the parent didn’t care!

  4. Massive congrats on your graduation and good news about the surgery. I hope it’s as painless as possible and that you can look forward to happy, healthy days ahead!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Thanks – I hope it all goes well and I can get back to being healthy! Everyone tells me they’re glad when they’ve had it done & they catch fewer general bugs, so I’m counting that as a positive thing.

  5. Yay for the surgery soon and boo for feeling crappy. Had to laugh at your fart story. Not too many random things happening here. Reading Lincoln in the Bardo which is a very random (but good) book.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Seriously, who else could traumatise a kid that way haha

  6. Kmart has heat packs for $9 in the cosmetics/toiletries section – I bought one for Miss 20 and she loves it. Actually, so does her dog Pippin – when she brings it into bed at night he quickly claims it and lies on it! All the best with your tonsillectomy, hope it all happens as planned. And what a brilliant idea about the children’s paracetamol! Wish I’d thought of thought when Miss 20 had hers out! Just a word of caution with the Endone – Miss 20 was fine with one, but if she took 2, it made her sick.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Ah damn, I should have thought of Kmart!

      As far as I know, I’ve never had endone (I can’t remember what I was given when I was really sick years ago, but I know they made me fascinated with the white water canoeing – late night olympics viewing on drugs haha). I know I’ve had prescription strength codeine before though and tolerated that well enough, so I’m hopeful that I can tolerate the endone if I need it. I’d rather not need it though!

      And I know – how good is that tip for liquid paracetamol! I love this particular chemist, she’s really on the ball and discusses things really openly and non judgey (like I’ve found some chain chemists to be).

  7. Congratulations on graduating!!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Thanks Lydia! It was a struggle last year but also I really loved the subjects.

  8. yay for the graduation (& the surgery) & I’m still giggling re the kid – can actually picture it…#TeamLovinLife

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      The poor kid haha.

  9. Cross your fingers for the upcoming surgery – I hope it works out for you and the hospital doesn’t “lose” you in their system! I love a good heat wheat – they’re the best for warm comfort and pain relief 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  10. Thanks for sharing your randoms! I do love a good random post. I especially love You’ve = Me’ve
    Fingers crossed re surgery! Finally.

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