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Well, the good news is that I officially will be having surgery in just over three weeks. Now the scary part is that I’ve never had surgery and of course I’m scared of it! I got a massive pack of hospital paperwork (and an official hospital plastic bag – I shit you not) in the post yesterday.


I guess there’s no going back now! Everyone does keep telling me that they/their kids/their llamas are much better in the long run for having it. I’m looking forward to not having a million little colds. Maybe I’ll even have some energy to do that exercise thing again in the future. And maybe I’ll be able to start writing on Bloggers and Bacon again. Or finally start the podcast I’ve been wanting to for over a year, which was mostly put off due to low iron and then, well, who wants to listen to someone who always sounds like they have a cold?


A few other things are going on (all good things) but they’re not bloggable yet, so I’m really just waiting for things to come, happen, recover and see where I am then!


In the meantime, we apparently have a month’s (months? Fucking apostrophes) worth of rain coming in one day today, which means that lousy Brisbane roads will start localised flooding soon. Hopefully it doesn’t get too heavy and nasty. It does seem like most of the rain will be further north so I’m hoping the busy roads don’t get impacted. Imagine being stuck on a road home on a Friday night, of all times. Yuck. I get a bit cranky at “oh just stay home” or “don’t travel if you don’t need to” comments by the government on these days. But I’ve ranted about that before! I can totally see the government’s advice. But the practicality of that for most people makes their comments useless.





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2 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 27”

  1. So happy your health is coming into better times girl!
    Don’t fear the surgery. I have had loads of surg and seriously, the going to sleep part is such a brilliant trip-out! (#closetdruggie) I hate when they wake you up in recovery because it’s the best sleep you’ll ever have in your lifetime! I always want to punch the person who wakes me up post surg.
    You will be a new person. X

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh I like the idea of a good sleep!! I could use some of that haha. Someone else did say to me they had a great time falling asleep under general recently 🙂

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