Random Weekend Chats From My Car #6

Oh yes, we have NBN now. Which means it’s finally faster to upload a video at home than to drive to someone else’s house to do it.


Terrifyingly as I upload the video and write this post, Ben is watching a show called Haters Back Off which is about an awkward & awful YouTube singer. But I think it’s ok becuase I don’t sing in this video. 


I also finally did my tax return. I pay a LOT OF TAX. Holy cow. Which made me more annoyed when the whatever-etax-is-called-now broke. I left something blank as it didn’t apply. Then it didn’t like it so I filled it in with zeros. It didn’t like that either. I tried the help chat which crashed the whole thing becuase OMG I DID IT OUT OF BUSINESS HOURS. Then I removed it and left it blank again and that time it liked it. So who knows what will actually happen with that part of my tax return. I did my best. 


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #6


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #6




What did you get up to on the weekend?


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  1. Stupid hipster food courts lol! My son went to a Birthday sleepover party on Saturday night so hubby and I got drunk and watched Netflix, it was great, haha!

    1. Why do they hate backrests so much!? And where do you put your knees when the table is a barrel? 🙂

      Sounds like a great night of Netflix!

  2. LOL. I love my $15 Kmart sneakers. Although they are extremely smelly.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha so are mine! But that’s ok, it’s summer which means walking through lots of rain puddles to commute so I need a “destroyable” shoe for that!

  3. Why are good shoes so expensive? I know that the only sneakers I can wear (and walk in and stay in) are Brooks and they are over $200. When I worked at Uni I had to wear the walker version of them. They might be clunky but at least I could stay on my feet. It has been over 3 years since I have anything new that did not cost more than $20. Sad to say. Great to catch up with you this way too.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 42/52. Next week: Meditation. Yay or Nay.

    1. It kind of bothers me when you see $150 shoes that are the same quality as $15 Kmart but it’s ok because they’re “designer”. It feels weird that shoe design clearly doesn’t start with “is this comfortable?”. I might just end up buying a good pair of sneakers to wear all the time. My comfort comes before any mythical dress code.

  4. I’m at work on my lunch break so will have to watch the video later (don’t think we can access YouTube etc here).

    I know what you mean about tax. I still remember seeing my tax bill the year I was made redundant and realised I’d paid $30k or so in tax… made me less guilty when I needed to go on Centrelink benefits briefly a couple of years later!

    1. It’s so much that goes to tax when you see it listed in one chunk. Sooo much. Then you think how much richer you’d be haha.

  5. I had to go shoe shopping too for heels – I can’t believe they charge so much for so little shoe, and what little of it is so uncomfortable! Yay for NBN and videos. I haven’t even thought about doing my tax yet – it’s too terrifying!

    1. Oh I can’t even walk in heels but I have thought that when people go ooohing over $100s of dollars for a tiny bit of shoe… I guess it’s a bit like designer swimmers in that way!

  6. Doing taxes is oh so painful! Thank goodness it’s only a once a year thing. #teamIBOT

    1. That is the bonus!

  7. That’s awesome about the NBN. I think we are close to having it ready in our suburb, but they can’t (read won’t!) tell me what kind of a connection we are getting. I seriously hope it’s not fibre to the node, because I will be super pissed off, considering how poor our current copper system is and how far we are from the actual node, and the fact that only one service provider even gives us ADSL 2+ (and shit ADSL 2+ at that!). I would totally be prepared to pay my own money to get fibre straight in to our house because I really need fast, reliable internet for my work, but who knows. I guess we’ll find out soon, and if worse comes to worst I’ll have to keep going to the office to upload large videos 🙁

    1. Oh woah – how do they not know!? That’s so weird. It has definitely been faster for us so I’m happy about that. Our copper cable is pretty old so even though the pay tv cable that is delivering the NBN now is also old (apparently) it still seems to be better than the copper. Our phone used to die when it rained from the copper cables. So bad.

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