The only way I learn that there are Kookaburras hanging out in my backyard is by the birds that are attacking them. I feel like this is a weird comment on nature. Or that if we applied it to humans they’d get super pissed off and tell me that it’s unrealistic.

Or maybe I’m tired, it’s 7am and I need bacon fuel.


Maybe it’s more useful as a metaphor. That which we love attacks us?


And I wonder why the backyard and not the front? I guess the back is a safe sanctuary? But I assume they are all out the front in the big trees across the road. Maybe they’re safer to a bird because they’re huge and tall and well away from the humans.


Anyway, I want to give names to “our” kookaburras, but I can’t really tell them apart very well. One does have some very pretty blue feathers in its sides though. But from where they hang out, you can really only see that with a camera zoom.


I wanted to name them the way Shepard names the Wraith in Atlantis. Bob. Todd. Generic names. I feel like blue butt could be one name for one kookaburra but that’s not really a generic name.



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