Randoms 24

Randoms 24


Chronic “stuff” is so unpredictable. Right as I felt like I had finally found a balance of fairly functional days, it slapped me down with no-explanation pain. Tiring. Boring. OMG boring. I know some people don’t like to share chronic stuff for many reasons, but including not being the person who talks about it but honestly, fuck it, it’s way more boring to live it than to hear someone say “this is bullshit” from time to time.


You know who can get in the bin? People with limited time replays of webinars and whatnots. I know, it’s all about scarcity wank wank sell sell, but it’s just damn rude to insert yourself into my life and tell me I have to do X by Y. No thanks, how about I can choose when I fucking do things? I find it impossible to not find nearly all aspects of marketing rude because it all seems to be based on a patently false assumption that they know what (and when) I need more than I do. Hint: they are ALWAYS wrong.


I swear my entire Facebook feed is just showing friends who’ve replied to posts of pages. And the posts by pages are all really inane things like “one must be eliminated” or “your mothers last name and the street you live on” or “pointless list of names who {action}”. I don’t mean this in a “must use Facebook in a serious way” but I feel like this is ALL I see now and I just do not give a crap. I “hide all from” every time I see one of these but they JUST. KEEP. COMING. I wish Facebook would, you know, show me stuff from my friends, that’s why I have Facebook…


I thought this was gold:



Lots of people should be vaccinated by now, but I am VERY FUCKING OVER hearing who should get it next when the government seems to have abandoned 1a and 1b:




(I think since I embedded that tweet in here over a month ago we’ve just totally fucking abandoned the idea of priority. Fuck the government who didn’t’ buy enough vaccines and put no fucking effort into getting them into those who needed it more.)


And also:



I was sick Saturday and couldn’t leave the house to get a brain poke. By the time Sunday rolled around and I worked out I could leave the house without being sick, all the private pathologists were closed. So I went to my local hospital, which does covid testing 8-4, 7 days a week. Nope they had fucking closed again and told you to go to the city hospital (not an option for me). Went home, stayed home, got tested this morning at a private pathologist who then complained I didn’t have a GP referral even though the website says you don’t need one. For all the fucking press conferences saying “get tested at any symptoms” … they don’t make it easy. The Health Minister is my local MP so I sent a long “wtf is with the local hospital” to her.


Time is fake. Last week we passed one year since we put Vala down.


Ever since postgrad in 2016 (?) I’ve been the worst reader. I thought it would come back when I finished but nope, it takes me like two months to read a book. I was getting so many late fees at the library before I got an e-reader (well an 8″ Samsung tablet that I use as an e-reader) and that way at least most of my books just disappear when they’re due and I don’t get fees. I’ve probably saved so much in fees it has covered the cost of the tablet. 


I finally had “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez come up on the Libby app (there was a queue to get it). And now I have it, I’m finding I don’t want to read it. Not right now – maybe some time in the future. I know enough about data to know how poorly most people manage/use/interpret it, I don’t need to know details of how much it excludes women. 


I was awake until about 11pm last night. Late for me. I got distracted by what was a combo of a missing persons/mystery death podcast, then dressage, then a weird digital gummy bear. 


Also every pillow sucks right now and is hurting my neck. 


In between being sick on the weekend I rearranged my study. Literally like two books at a time. Move something small, be sick. Move something small, flop on the bed. It’s so boring being sick.


Basically I’m bored shitless at the moment, trying to work on new services with my friendly business coach, tired of bureaucracy failing and wishing for some functional time off … every time off I’ve had this year has been one kind of clusterfuck or another.


Tell me something interesting, fun … something. Spark my brain!


Randoms 24

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  1. I loved this post! I can’t agree more about limited replays, marketing, and Facebook! So annoying! I barely use Facebook anymore. I check notifications and share my YouTube videos (nothing salesy, just music), and now and then check into the guitar groups. That’s it. People are too boring on Facebook and the platform is awful.
    I’m working on starting a graphic design business and I have no idea how to market myself without being annoying.
    I hope your pain will be better soon. Chronic illness sucks. I have IBD but mild and very stable, so I’m thankful for that.

    1. If I could pay someone to do marketing for me, I would in a heartbeat. Not “getting” any part of marketing is my biggest fear about re-attempting to do work for myself. I just don’t like sales so I try to just be open and plain speaking and hope for the best.

  2. Fun. OK…nope got nothing really. Lockdown sucks on so many levels but I can still drive somewhere that’s nice to look at…ie beach so won’t whinge too much.

    I hear you on book-span attention. Mine’s been shot since social media became a thing. I do love listening to Audible books and my car trips – even short ones – are made better with that.

    People not helping other people in health and work situations suck. I do though think it’s possibly got something to do with being “covid cranky”

    I hope you feel a bit better soon and can venture outside…and I am so sorry about Vala’s anniversary

    Thank you for taking part in the 5th Birthday celebrations of Life This Week. Great to see friends who are bloggers linking up each week when they can. I appreciate each and every one of you. Next week, Mr W is back with Time Part Two. See you then if you have a post to share. Denyse.

    1. The mental stimulation factor is definitely low for me right now. Am feeling a bit better this week after some short videos I watched that weren’t all salesy and bleh.

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