Real or not real?

Is it a common experience that people have been trying to speak for you your whole life? I don’t know if this happens to everyone, happens to no one and it’s part of the bad parts of my life, or happens to people in age appropriate ways eg in childhood and lessens through teen hood.


I ran into a friend of a family member once in the local shops. It was bland as anything, running into a vague person outside a grocery store. I think the bland situation made the lies more shocking? They had their kids with them – I don’t know their kids. I knew they had been pregnant but that’s about all. They introduced their kids to me by saying “This is the sister of {person}.”


Makes sense, I mean I know nothing about kids but it seemed like a friendly and age appropriate approach to me. Then this person started taking it further – into outright lies. They told their kids they had known me since I was the kids age. I’m no expert at kids but these kids were young. Early primary school. 


Thing is, I didn’t live in Australia then. They hadn’t met the person who was our mutual then. The voice they had on was infantilising as fuck. It was “I know this person better than they know themselves”.


I actually can’t remember how the conversation (if you can call patronising explaining a conversation) ended. I may have just walked off. 


It’s not just this person. Family have done this to me as well. I liked a series of horse racing fiction books as a kid. And then a family member told me off (??) for not liking the Melbourne Cup. All because I read a series of FICTION BOOKS as a kid.


Please – I’m soooo sorry (sarcasm font for the previous words) that as a fucking CHILD I didn’t understand what animal cruelty is. Terribly sorry I grew as a person and changed my views. Shall I submit a permission slip next time and make sure the change is approved? 


Has this happened to anyone else with regularity in their life? Is this real or not real (just my messed up blood relations)?


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Real or not real?

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