Good Creativity Guides

Good Creativity Guides

Good Creativity Guides


Are there any books on creativity that are a) non dictatorial FOLLOW MY LEAD AND DO ALL MY STEPS OR ELSE and b) non ableist I CAN’T WORK HARD SO WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME?


A) is kind of interesting. In online business circles people are finally starting to wake up and lightly shit on “never fail 10 step formula”. I don’t offer things like that in my consulting business – because what works for you is PERSONAL. What you’ve tried before and what your needs are matter more than my ego and some bland ten step plan.


I was reading one of the popular creativity guides and there was a story about how they worked harder than ever once they had left their fallback job and were working on their creative job. Ok, great. IF YOU CAN DO THAT.


I’m not naming the creativity books that I don’t like because a) I don’t see a need to shit on people by name and b) I might endlessly roll my eyes at it for being irrelevant but it could be deep and meaningful to you.


I feel like where I’m at is when I complain about the uselessness of some guru’s advice online and someone will say “oh they didn’t mean it for people like YOU” …. ok so what does that even mean? I don’t deserve support and success? That people with non mainstream needs (a whole topic in itself, including my use of language there) need to have “special” guides written for our “special” needs?


Advice should be like accessibility – it helps everyone because disabled needs are human needs. It’s very “rising tide lifts all boards” and that’s the direction I think creative guides need to take.


There’s also a distinct lack of ethics on some of these books. No one should laud Amazon for being a success when they couldn’t become that success without high levels of exploitation. That’s not a good business, that’s a bad business.


You can be profitable and not a wanker. Wild concept, I know.


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Good Creativity Guides

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