Life Changes…

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot recently.

You’ll probably notice that I haven’t updated it in nearly a month.

I’ve decided that this blog needs a different direction. Yes, this is still a journey towards positive thinking and weight loss, but this is not just a numbers game. I look back over the posts I’ve made so far and while it’s positive to be taking action towards weight loss, it’s really not the only thing that positive thinking is about.

As a naturally cynical person, I can find it hard to be positive. Exercise is a great way of helping you feel better, both mentally and physically, but it is not everything. I’ve been struggling recently to do any exercise at all. Mostly because I am back in a job I don’t like (bills have to be paid somehow) and that comes with a long commute.

But rather than being upset about these things and letting them affect me in a bad way, I’m trying to teach myself to be positive and overcome these things. To make negative things not matter as much.

It’s a hard thing to do, but it’s something that I’ve been working on slowly for years now.

So I will be changing the focus of this blog from solely weight loss to a general positive lifestyle blog. I think that this will complement the direction I want my life to take much better than just counting some numbers & recording them on a screen. I also think that this blog will complement my travel blog

What am I really up to then? 

Well I’m currently working on getting over the past year. Just over a year ago, my husband was told he had an autoimmune disease, type 1 diabetes. About two months ago we found out that they’ve misdiagnosed him and he’s now considered type 2, but because he’d managed being a type 1 diabetic so well, he didn’t need any medication. It is always great news to find out you don’t have a chronic & permanent illness, but that year put us through a lot of stuff that I have trouble coping with still. I have a high level of resentment towards a lot of the medical profession right now!

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, but it was only in the past 6 months that I decided what I was going to do, then I buckled down and launched. It’s very small and it’s one of those businesses that I know will be successful, but I have a feeling that it will take a while to pick up momentum. So in the meantime I’m working in a corporate job that I have little interest in. It’s not ideal but it pays the bills. It will do while I start up my business and find time to work on my blogs.

What will this blog cover?

26 Years and Counting will still be about weight loss and a positive life. I hope to help others learn to tune out the negative and unnecessary distractions in their life. Being female, I will be writing mostly about things that relate to women. I hope that men can also learn from this blog, but I also understand if they can’t!!! Most of all, I want to inspire people to learn to live their life according to what values they hold, as well as enriching their life with new experiences.


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