Wednesday Food Post – 23rd May 2012

Late night snack – home made fries


Cashew Chicken & diet coke


Starbucks hot chocolate – skim, shot of mint, no cream or marshmallows


Multigrain 6 inch bacon & egg subway.


Peas, corn and zucchini with some red onion.


Schnitzel with veggies & omelette.


Ramen noodles


Chilli chicken. I didn’t know it was battered when I ordered it 🙁


Baked fish with lettuce and onion.


I’m noticing that I’ve had a really lazy week for eating out while I’m at work! I’ve got to break that habit. (I’m also not sure why I can’t rotate any of the photos but it’s far too late for me to be using my brain.)

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