Bad Schoolgirl – Detention

As you’ve now seen, my first high school and I just didn’t get along. As a result of this, the school was also always trying to get me into detention for the things I’ve blogged about, as well as even tinier things, like not having a badge on my dress.


In the first instance, detentions were scheduled for lunch times. I used to say no, that it was my lunch time and I was going to eat lunch.

They tried to give me an after-school detention, but that required my parents permission, which they wouldn’t give (because they also didn’t care about small things, they were happy with my education so that’s what mattered to them).


My mum scribbled all over the after school detention slip, telling them exactly what she thought of the after-school detention for minor infractions.


The next day the vice principal came to my homeroom and asked me if I gave the slip to my parents. I said I sure did, and handed back to her the slip full of my mother’s opinion on them wasting my time. She didn’t say anything to me, just walked off.


Somehow, one day I was “captured” by one of the vice principals. She was waiting at the door of the room when the class just before lunch ended. I had detention. Uh-oh. They had thought of everything. It was a well-planned capture. They even got the school tuckshop to put the lunch I’d reserved earlier in the day away so it would stay warm. I acquiesced. Kind of.


I went with the vice prinicpal to the administration part of the school. A different vice principal was away for some reason, so I was put at her desk and told to write lines. Or some kind of lame activity that schools think teach you a lesson.


The vice principal walked off back to her own office, presumably to eat her lunch. So I left. I went back to the tuckshop, picked up my food from the surprised staff, and within about five minutes of the lunchtime starting, I was back eating with my friends.


We had a great lunchtime, the bell rang and I went to my next class. without my books. I was hungry when I was in detention, so I left all my books in the vice principals office. I have no idea how long it took her to realise that I had simply walked out and had my lunch.


The vice principal saw my books, sans myself, and came to find me in my next class. With my books.
I still can’t remember what the detention was for. Probably for spending a few years refusing to go to detentions.



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