My Relationship With Alcohol

My Relationship With Alcohol

I’ve recently started drinking again.


It’s ok, there’s no need to call AA or stage an intervention. I just like a glass or two here and there.


I used to refuse to drink as a teenager. Mostly because people would tell me I have to. And still to this day, if a group of friends will only get together in an alcohol-based situation, I just tell them I don’t drink and therefore won’t be coming.


I will not drive if I’ve had any alcohol at all. The legal limit here is 0.05. My personal limit is 0.00. I’m the same with mobile phones and driving. I will not use them at all, even legally (handhelds and such).


I don’t like the drinking culture at all. Tell me I ‘have’ to do something and I will likely refuse, even if I was considering doing it beforehand. I hate that theme parks sell alcohol. It just seems wrong.


Right now, though, I’m learning to like the flavours. I guess my taste buds have matured since the last time I drank anything.


My Relationship With Alcohol


Or probably it’s the 18 months of low-sugar living (well, living with the right amounts and kinds of sugars) that have changed my tastebuds, allowing me to like dry wines and things I would have turned my nose up at before.


But there’s something I don’t understand about drinking. It seems to be all or nothing.


If you drink, you get drunk. If you don’t drink, you 100% don’t drink.


I’ve always been staunchly in the middle. I’ve been tipsy and I’ve been drunk. I’ve also been sober. I’ve never vomited from alcohol or had any kind of hangover.


I have happily gone years without drinking. I go on and off it, and it seems to be in chunks of years.


Where do you stand, sit, or fall over, on drinking?


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  1. Two or three cocktails, a few giggles and I’m out! Not out, out..just back to the soft stuff. I totally agree with you on the drinking to get drunk mentality. I enjoy it as one part of being social, but I also like not drinking.

    1. I have found drinking increases my ability to sing though…

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