Office Politics

It’s no secret that offices can be full of …let’s call them “temperamental” people. I’m currently working in a very corporate environment & that’s not something that suits me very well at a personal level.


I don’t care for office politics at all. I view it as immaturity.


There is one particular person who seems to want to cause trouble, but is herself also scared of trouble. We’re located physically close to each other but thankfully our duties don’t overlap often.


I generally just ignore things she says. I don’t want to engage with her on her level. It’s like that saying goes “Never argue with an idiot, they’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”


But I’m not sure that is an effective day-to-day method of dealing with her. Largely because I don’t think she understands that I am choosing to ignore her, she thinks my silence is compliance.


It makes me unsure how to deal with her. I guess if I had to talk to her more than weekly then the way she views my responses would matter more. But for now I’m choosing to ignore her petty attempts at domination because I believe that doing my work will stand for me more than engaging with her.


Do you take the high road with people like this? Is it something you struggle to do?

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