Adventure Recap – episode 3

(Really? Only up to episode 3? Damn, for something I was going to do each week this year I’ve been slack!)

I don’t know if I’ve been adventurous this past week.

I was productive over the weekend & got a lot of groundwork done for future blog posts, for both this blog and my travel blog, Suitcase Scribbles. I’ve missed writing on Suitcase Scribbles & only recently came up with a new posting strategy.

But, to get the new content groundwork done, I went somewhere I’ve never been before. As it was only a fairly short drive from where I live, so it doesn’t feel all that adventurous to me. Then again, it’s kind of a crappy suburb at times, so maybe it was adventurous! Or foolhardy.

I talked out a lot of my current frustrations late Sunday night. I’m hardly a secretive person so while admitting frustrations is probably significant for some people, I don’t think it is for me!

Over the weekend I also watched the sun and moon rise (not at the same time) and took a few short walks.


The walks helped a bit. Hopefully now it’s not wearing humidity everyday I’ll get back into the habit.

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