Adventure Recap Episode 7 – A Dress

I went op-shopping on the weekend. You may have seen photos I posted on Twitter or Instagram.


I bought some books, but that’s not unusual. Now I just need time to read them.


The news, and yes, I think it is news, is that I bought a dress.

Cream dress

This dress, in fact

Excuse the crappy dressing room selfie, but I hate taking selfies. Anyway, I showed the dress to Ben when I got home and said I couldn’t work out why I bought it. Knowing me as creepily well as he does, he immediately told me why.

Community Britta Dress

It’s vaguely similar to this dress.

Image Source

So yes, apparently I bought this one because it reminds me of a spoof scene in Community.


“I’m fine with this.”


Who knows if I’ll ever wear it, but I guess I have a costume in my cupboard if I ever need it now. And for only $12.


When was the last time you bought something you never normally would?

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