Be My Guest – Sarah from Surely Sarah

This week for Be My Guest I interviewed Sarah from Surely Sarah. Read on to see what she says, and remember, you can drop me a line if you want to be interviewed!


Be My Guest - Surely Sarah

Be My Guest – Surely Sarah


What do you love about your life? 

The simple things – a house to call my very own, a husband who loves me, the Queensland lifestyle!


What do you think about when you are alone in your car/bus/train/plane/helicopter/hovercraft?   

This is really weird but when on the train I often think about it de-railing and how I would save all the other passengers. When on a plane I think about how the crash landing demonstration is actually all bull and if we have to crash into the water at speed the plane will actually disintegrate like its hitting cement. No lifejackets needed. Morbid, I know.


Do you like your couch? Why/Why not?

Yes. Because it is gigantic and comfortable, and I can lie full length on it.


Would you live in a very high high-rise? 

No. Because Cloverfield.


When was the last time you hung upside down from something?

Probably the primary school monkey bars!


Why did the chicken cross the road? 

The question is, why does everybody care so much? Leave the chicken alone!


Will you be at any conferences/events this year so people can meet you? 

Yes, I will be at ProBlogger Event on the Goldie in September. My first!


A rabbit and a penguin are sitting next to each other. What are they talking about?

How nice the South of France is this time of year.


What’s your advice for humanity? 

Stop fighting over land and work towards a Star Trek-type worldwide money-less economy.


Flog your blog:

My blog is a non-niche record of my ramblings. It’s updated sporadically as I’m a fan of the Slow Blogging movement.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

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