June Slow Blogging

I’ve been…uh…embracing the slow blogging movement this June. May was a cracker for me & I got an amazing amount of hits. June…well, despite the fact it’s the 14th of June, I’m in shock that it’s already June.

I caught the cold bug that was going around, so for most of this month I’ve been battling fever, sneezes, persistent cough, sinus pressure & fatigue. Usually more than one of those at a time.

Add that to the need to work overtime – because of a billing error I received 6 months of electricity charges at once, so in addition to saving for my next bill, I effectively had the space of one month to pay a triple electricity bill. Bastard bills. Who needs them?!

Then just as I feel like that has cleared up, a wisdom tooth has popped in for a visit. Hopefully it’ll bugger off soon.

Anyway, it’s making a bit of a change at the moment to feel like the future has opened up a bit for us. This year certainly hasn’t been the hell that recent years have been, but the lack of progress in our life goals has been incredibly frustrating. It’s finally turning a little bit of a corner & I can see options…finally!

How’s your June going?

3 Replies to “June Slow Blogging”

  1. I know what you mean about June! Having trouble processing that its the 14th.
    I cannot believe that about your electricity bill! Surely you shouldn’t have had to pay for their error!?
    Here’s hoping you’ve had your winter’s worth of illness and you’re tip top from now on!

    1. Sorry I missed this – wp marked it as spam. And already it’s basically the end of June. Unbelievable.

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