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Welcome back to Be My Guest – a weekly series where I interview people. If you’d like to be part of this, let me know :)
What do you love about your life? 
It’s crazy at the moment, I live in a crazy house with my husband (who’s the sanest of the pack) and new crazy dog. My name tag at work says Medical Scientist. I work in immunology which is more “how the body is trying to break itself,” sort of testing than immune statuses, but I’ve done my fair share of that too. When I’m not slaving away at microscopes and gel electrophoresis, I run a business with Mary Kay, which balances out my desire to see people and be creative. My favourite is make-over parties.
I have a spectacular group of friends, some I see more than others, but either way, I’m the self appointed head of the group, so I’m busy a lot of the time, hence the messy house. I make no apologies for enjoying my life instead of cleaning my house, but then, if I’m never home, why does it ever get messy? This perplexes me on a daily basis…. that and where my next coffee is coming from, and how to justify the next costume party. (Never noticed the house being dirty – it’s cleaner than mine, anyway! – Vanessa)
Why did the chicken cross the road? 
Because there was a Disney Princess across the road luring it with her beautiful voice.
Which theme park is the best in Qld?
Dreamworld. I’m a ride junkie and simply it has the most rides. I’ve started going to school fetes, just to get on a ride more often. When people ask for my favourite ride, I just start naming them all… I have been wanting for some time now to go up to Underwater World at Mooloolaba again, and do the scuba with sharks thing. I have scuba’d with a shark before in the wild. Thankfully my marine biology skills were sound at the time and I could identify it as a Grey Nurse and proceed to not freak out. Similarly I want to go to Australia Zoo for a photo with a Red Panda, cos they’re so awesome. You can’t say no to Panda. (I think Alma Park Zoo also has Red Pandas :) – Vanessa)
What do you think about when you are alone in your car/bus/train/plane/helicopter/hovercraft?   
If you’re driving around the north-west ‘burbs of Brisbane between 6-7am or 3-5pm and you see a crazy girl singing and dancing in her car loudly, that would be me. Often to 80′s music, “I wear my sunglasses at night,”- 80′s music. So I guess I don’t think much. Also my car is pretty intelligent, I tell it “Dial Name,” and use that time to call my husband to check on his day, girlfriends to schedule the weekend or just catch-up, Mum, Dad, (trying to be a good child). Often these people are still at work, so I’m thinking of funny voices to make on their message banks… I leave a lot of Doctor Who quotes on my Dad’s phone.
Did pigs ever fly or was it a conspiracy theory?
They flew, they totally flew, so I believe when people say, “Sure when pigs fly,” that it’s already happened and thus they must do whatever they’re trying to get out of. Besides, surely exported live-stock doesn’t all go via boat…
What looks best under a microscope?
The technique I routinely do at the microscope is called Dark-field microscopy. The slides I look at are test-tissue, which in the presence of patient blood and reagent will glow under a UV microscope.  One slide we do tests for an autoimmune response to Purkinje cells. It’s neuronal. So cerebral and cerebellum tissue. Maybe I just like looking at brain… (Now I’m scared to go over to visit her house – Vanessa.)
What’s your advice for humanity? 
Life is about choices, choose happy.
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