Bright Monday – I’m dressed, what else do you want?!

Some days of the week knowing that you’re out of bed & doing what you need to is enough.


Like today.


I’m wearing shoes that are kind of bright (or maybe just colourful), that’s a pretty good effort. Regardless of the fact I wear them most days to work.


Plus, the yellow on the train station platform is bright, maybe that is part of my outfit?




I had a long weekend. I still haven’t done ANY of the things I’ve been needing to for about 3 weekends now. Oops.


I played in a shipping container:




Not pictured: moving a crapload of furniture. My hands were kinda busy. You can picture it in your head if you want.


Eating a beef schnitzel (yum!):




Making piña coladas:




Driving “off-road” (aka parked in a grass car park to visit the markets):




Saving my sanity during the political debate (yes, I do take voting seriously, but I can’t look at their smug, irritating faces, so I’ll be reading up on policy later):




And who could forget Sunday night plunger shopping for my dodgy plumbing:




Then there was also a quick GP visit, who said my bite is a spider bite & it should keep going away:




And I get to have an ultrasound:




Then, because I decided I hadn’t moved enough furniture around, I brought my futon into the lounge & put my 2 seat sofa into my study. This way I can stop dragging my mattress from my room to the lounge to sleep (it’s the only room with heating/air con).


So…can someone please teach me how to actually RELAX on the weekend?!


Have you worn anything bright today?


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