Relaxing Weekend?

It’s the middle of Sunday afternoon.


This is my weekend to do nothing. Only…


Yesterday I was up at 4.40am for a garage sale. The garage sale went from 7-12. Then we spent just under three hours clearing up and taking leftover furniture to Lifeline. The evening was relaxing but spent in a state of pretty big exhaustion.


Today my stupid body woke me up just after 6am. I’ve tried to take it easy. Yet, somehow I have managed to:

  • clear out a giant plastic bag full of clothes
  • take the clothes to Lifeline
  • have giant sneezing fit
  • go to local markets
  • go back to Lifeline when I realised I had seen office chairs there
  • buy milk & bacon and cheese bread rolls
  • sit at the beach
  • play rollercoaster tycoon 2
  • upgrade one of our Macs to the newest OS
  • write a list of places I want to go on my whiteboard
  • think about taking road trips even though I don’t really like driving
  • make a pile of old art stuff to check and throw out
  • clean out most of my rubbish from the car


The sad part is, none of those things needed doing. I have a huge list of things I want to do to prep for pbevent, I need to do my tax…lots of things coming up in the next month that have to be done. And aren’t getting done.


I worked on Wednesday this week, purely for the public holiday rates. I may as well take advantage of the absurd situation of being a professional yet paid under teenager (aka casual) conditions. The manager who approved me to work that day said I could work, but that he was concerned about me not having time off. Um… I haven’t had so much as a weekend away in over three years. I have no break! Maybe this is why I don’t know how to relax?


Can someone PLEASE teach me how to relax?!

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