The Photos We Take

Umbrella Shadow

I was messing around taking photos on my iPhone earlier and I got a storage warning. So I figured it was time to go through them and delete some (at least until the new computer is completely up & running with my photo set up).


And then I thought I’d share some of the weird shit I found on my phone. Hence, this blog post.


Baby For Sale
Baby For Sale. Probably a bad baby, if it only costs $3.


How To Use The Dishwasher
This is up in the kitchen at my day job. When it first went up, some engineers decided it was wrong and tried to fix the flow chart. Only they made it worse.



Umbrella Shadow
Umbrella & shadow. I’m presuming this is me.


Drunk Beans
I’m guessing these are coffee beans? If they’re drunk, how come they can be sold in a supermarket? So many important questions.


An Owl sitting on the ground by the beach one night.


Storm Front
Storm front from outside my house.


Giant Stuffed Animals
Random giant stuffed animals


Jaffa Kisses


A bar. This was after a work function so I’m not entirely sure where I was. I’m thinking a golf course…




Terrible Search Engines
Terrible Search Engines

So uh…I guess I can see why I needed to delete some photos. The sad part is, I haven’t even finished going through my whole phone yet. So this may end up being a part 1.


Do you take too many photos? What sort of crap ends up filling up your phone?

5 Replies to “The Photos We Take”

  1. My phone is so full also, I need to do this one day! I’m sure I’ll come across some random shit – because we use our phone cameras like reminder lists now, don’t we?
    PS My office BADLY needs the passive-aggressive dishwasher flowchart.

    1. Haha I think EVERY office needs that flowchart!

  2. oh my phone is full of random photos! Those clouds photos are awesome, I’d keep those for sure

    1. I adore clouds! Watching storm fronts roll in is one of the best things about living in South East Queensland. I sometimes think of moving because I don’t like humidity, but whenever I’ve lived somewhere else I miss the raging summer storms at 3pm.

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