The Photos We Take – Part 2

As I posted recently, I needed to clear photos out of my phone because I ran out of space.


Here’s some more.


Parents with Prams
Not photoshopped! Two actual signs I found near each other.


Chickens on the loose


A puppy in a video store


Giant Round Rug
A giant round rug in the lobby of a building in Brisbane.


Poster for a dragon


Puff pastry
This is what an entire sheet of puff pasty looks like in the oven. We were curious one night.


New handbag design
I’m guessing this is a new design of handbag?


Post It Note
A note I stuck on my work computer.


V Energy Drink
A giant pallet of V (an energy drink). Enough to kill a lot of people.



Blu tac
Art I made at work.


I love it when old cartoons are on tv!

Weirdest thing you’ve found on your phone?


2 Replies to “The Photos We Take – Part 2”

  1. Haha. Some of these are classic!

    Sadly the majority of the photos on my phone are of my toddler getting up to mischief. Probably the funniest ones are when I hear him calling out (legitimately) stuck somewhere, so what’s the first thing a grab, my phone once I know he can hold the position for a couple more minutes 😉

    1. Haha get the photos while they’re (safely) trapped! Just think of what you can pull out for his 18th or 21st 🙂

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