A Novel Day

A Novel Day

Now, there are all kinds of possibilities that this is inspired by a mix of tiredness, stress, a persistent head cold and decongestant medication, but as I was blankly staring at the Olympics coverage this morning, my brain thought something for me.


You’re going to write a book today.


Thanks, brain, so do I get a say in this?

A Novel Day

Apparently not.


Then I did the maths…it is technically possible to write a book in a day. I was initially thinking a memoir, so I looked up the length and noticed the minimum seems to be 60,000 words. My typing averages out at about 6o words per minute, which means it would take me 1000 minutes to write a book. 1000 minutes is 16.7 hours of writing.


So, in theory, you could write a book in a day.


And you thought NaNoWriMo was intense…


I’ll let you know how my novel day goes.


Does your brain ever decide things for you? Have you ever tried something like writing a book in a day?


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