Give Yourself Permission

Give Yourself Permission

There are many obligations and commitments in life. And that’s fine, to a degree. Sometimes these obligations and commitments help us get things done.

Other times, it’s just all too much. Like right now, I have blogging, searching for a new day job, an irritatingly persistent head cold…let alone any other parts of life like socialising.

Give Yourself Permission

If you were watching Parks & Recreation (yes, I am obsessed) then this would be phrased as “Treat Yo Self!”


So, in the spirit of remembering to take care of yourself even when life is busy, I have a permission list.


Give Yourself Permission:

  • For a night off of looking for a job
  • For a night out to catch up with a friend
  • To be happy
  • To kick some sand
  • To eat a few squares of dark chocolate
  • To cancel non urgent obligations and just do nothing


What do you need to give yourself permission to do?


6 Replies to “Give Yourself Permission”

  1. Yep, this is great – I’ve written recently about my keys to happiness ( ) and the importance of not only avoiding negative triggers, but also the importance of nurturing the positive triggers in your life – so absolutely agree with this – we all need to give ourselves permission to do stuff that makes us happy!

    I also really liked Kelly Exeter’s take on this as well:


    1. Yes I read Kelly’s post this morning on my way to work…timing!!

  2. I needed to give myself permission to go to bed at a decent hour … and last night, I did just that!

    1. I saw that! Good job! Now you have to keep up with it 🙂

  3. Yesterday I gave myself permission to hang with my daughter at the playcentre on her day off from school. I knew I should be doing the housework, catching up on bookwork, writing and one hundred other things but for once I gave myself permission to just enjoy and not worry. It was fantastic, and you know what? All the other stuff is still waiting, hasn’t gone anywhere but I’m not worried. All is well. x

    1. Th other stuff will always be there for other times 🙂

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