How To Store Decks of Cards

How To Store Decks of Cards

We live a particularly wild life these days. As we were playing SNAP! I realised we had no other way of keeping the cards together than by the usual rubber band & hope it all stays together.


So I dug in the cupboard and dragged out a spare Sistema “KLIP IT”.


How To Store Decks of Cards


A deck of cards fits perfectly in the little 200ml ones. The best part is these containers are really cheap. I think a 3 pack of these cost me about $6…so it costs me $2 to keep my cards dust free and in one place. And these are nearly always on sale in Woolies, Coles or Big W. Or stores like them. So there’s no need to ever pay full price for them.


By the way, this is not sponsored. I just really like Sistema stuff. I used to like Tupperware but then the limitations of their product range irritated me (Who makes a container for the freezer that doesn’t go in the microwave? Do you think I have time to defrost things without a microwave?) and then I discovered Sistema and I’ve yet to be disappointed by them.


What card games do you play at home? How do you keep all the cards together without losing them?


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  1. That’s an awesome idea, Vanessa! We’ve got our Uno set strapped together with elastic bands and they go all weird after a while. Reckon we’ll give this a go.
    Another game we love playing – especially Mrs R’s mum – is a game called Phase 10. It’s a bit like rummy and Uno combined. Try and find it – it’s a lot of fun. The only problem is the set’s like a double pack of cards so I’m not sure if one of those Klip It pots will hold all the cards. Will certainly try though!
    Cheers – Jim x

    1. Thanks, I’m not usually one for organisation ideas so I was proud of myself for this one haha.

      I’ll look up that card game – we don’t know many (hence playing snap!). I don’t think a double set would fit in the size I used though.

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