Back To Study

Back To Study

As soon as I finished my undergraduate degree, I started thinking about postgraduate studies. That could just be because in Anthropology you’re encouraged to do honours, then a PhD. Or it could be because I’m a glutton for study punishment.


For whatever reason, I am always searching for the perfect postgrad course to do. I really wanted to do a research masters or PhD starting this year, but sadly after realising the time commitment in them, I know I won’t be able to do one while working full time. Even a part time research load is just so much work.


Thankfully I had a backup plan. I started a coursework Masters in Writing a few years back but dropped out when Ben ended up in hospital because I just had too many other things to think about. And yesterday, I received my acceptance back into the degree.

Back To Study
I saw the flame on a new photo app I’m playing with and just really wanted to use it…

The coursework Masters isn’t perfect, and even last time I was doing it I had a few issues. But it is 100% external, so no time spent attending classes. And I was lucky enough to get a Commonwealth Supported Position (for anyone overseas, this basically makes your degree VERY cheap!).


They’ve also changed the degree since the last time I was enrolled and added an extra year on to it. The impatient part of me was a bit annoyed at that but the nerdy side of me is excited that I get to take some electives this time around. I was considering doing it at 2 or 3 subjects per semester until I realised it had an extra year on it now. So I will be full time external. But I can always change that if need be.


I have to take some first year subjects as part of it…which once again part of me is annoyed at, and the other part goes “woo! easy class!”. I really need to get my brain working together…


Have you ever gone back to studying after a few years off? Any tips for helping me manage full time study, full time work and blogging?

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  1. Congrats on getting back to study! This really is exciting news. I’ve never been back to uni but sometimes I do miss it. So I have no tips! But I’m sure you’ll work something out 🙂

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