Commenting On Old Blog Posts

If I find a  blog I like, or I  visit one I haven’t been to in a while, I end up trawling the archives & related post widgets for a while.


But then when it comes to leaving a comment, I have these thoughts “it’s creepy to leave a comment on a blog post this old! They’ll think I’m stalking them or something!”


Well, I guess I am stalking them, digitally at least, when I trawl through old posts. But in a nice, friendly way!


Then I tell myself to get over it, and leave the comment.


Because the blogger worked hard on that post. Who cares if they worked hard on it yesterday or a year ago? They deserve the comment that’s in your head!


Do you comment on old blog posts?

9 Replies to “Commenting On Old Blog Posts”

  1. I do a similar thing. I find that I rarely get to use the web in little bite-sized chunks, so if I get a chance to sit down, I spend lots of time reading through past posts. And I comment. By the fifth comment I’ll usually comment about how much of a stalker I am!

    1. Haha at least we all know we’re stalkers! 🙂

  2. I do that all the time. I also think the blogger will find me to be a stalker but I think us bloggers like that. We want our pages to he stalked-in a non-creepy way 🙂
    I always comment. I want the blogger to know their post is still relevant even a year later.

    1. Relevancy is a really good point. It doesn’t matter when it was written if it was relevant.

  3. I totally feel the same – but if the post has struck a chord with me enough for me to want to comment (which is an uncommon more than common thing these days) then I tell myself to go ahead and do it!

    1. I think we’re all in consensus! Comment! 🙂

  4. It’s not stalking! It means you’re interested enough in the blogger’s work to see what else she has to say. It’s totally a compliment. 🙂

    1. I think I need to just do it! 🙂

  5. Yes, I do comment on older posts. It shows you’re interested in their previous blog posts. I commented on a blog post written 2 years ago! But the post itself related to my situation in this present time. 🙂

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