Welcome to my Newsletter

As the subject line says, welcome to the newsletter!!

After finally managing to get to a post office in regular business hours (I’m looking at you, Australia Post), I now have a Po Box and can get my newsletter set up. Because, as much as I love my readers, I also don’t really feel like emailing you my address 🙂

So, click on over here and subscribe!

What will you get? 

Weekly emails covering:

  • Blog news and tips from the week – I’m constantly summarising great posts and making notes on them for myself, so I figured, hey, why not share!
  • A summary of my posts from the week – because life is busy and it’s easy to miss your favourite posts
  • Free printables and tips – I have a few in the works, now I just need some design skills!
  • Big news on the blog – you’ll hear about it before anyone else
  • And whatever you tell me you want to hear about

Are you convinced? I can’t actually hear you reply, so I’m going to presume you said yes! And just because I’m kind like this, I’m even going to give you the link to sign up down here again, to save you scrolling back up.

Be awesome and I hope to see you on the newsletter!

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