Are You Excruciating Pain Yet? 

Are You In Excruciating Pain Yet

Are You In Excruciating Pain Yet


That’s what I hear when I see people asking if someone has had their baby yet. I know, it’s a bit negative. But it’s all I can think of. And I know, maybe they’re having drugs. Maybe there’s some other reason it won’t be painful (I tend to think the entire giving birth thing is rather disgusting, so I’ll happily stay in the dark about options).


What other situations are there in life where it’s socially acceptable to ask someone if they have endured excruciating pain – and be PLEASED if they have?


Do you think it’s strange to ask someone if they’ve endured excruciating pain yet? Are there any social situations that you find odd?


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  1. Passing a kidney stone maybe? Hot yoga session? Hmm. I find a heck of a lot of social situations odd, but the most recent was speaking to someone who has recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Had NO idea what to say/how to act. So I just tried to be normal, which I hope wasn’t awkward!

    1. I like the hot yoga one, especially when you get invited to a session “Hey, you wanna get stinky with me?” haha.
      There is nothing to say in those situations, like when people have been diagnosed with something.

      I didn’t know what to say when I had caught up with a classmate from school who had terminal cancer – I mean we all knew it was the last time we would see her, but what do you say? We weren’t super close friends but we weren’t (still aren’t) unaffected by her death. I think we just kinda hugged and said ‘see ya’ like it was any old day.

  2. My brother sked my hubby if he has had the snip yet… that kind of counts right? 😉

    1. Haha totally counts…

  3. When people discover I’ve had back surgery, they want to know all the gory details!

    1. There’s nothing like surgery to get people interested in gore!!

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