Lunch Time Treats

The thing I love about being part time is that when I’m not at my day job, I get to actually have time to work on my own projects/goals. It’s something that is soooooo much easier than being full time.


And of course, when you’re not at work, you have a bit more lunch break freedom. Today it was Jenna Marbles videos. Especially this one. I agree with all of the things in that video (it’s called Things I Don’t Have Time For, which is also what it’s about).


The one thing I would add to this is ironing. What is the point of ironing!? Honestly? I don’t get it AT ALL. As far as I can see, these are the steps to ironing a work shirt:

  1. Find ironing board
  2. Find iron
  3. Find somewhere to put the damn ironing board up
  4. Find clothes to iron
  5. Heat iron
  6. Smoosh something flat
  7. Try not to burn thing while you’re smooshing it
  8. Put smooshed clothing item on
  9. Get dog hair on smooshed clothing item
  10. Sit in car with smooshed clothing item
  11. Sit in train with smooshed clothing item
  12. Show up at work with smooshed clothing item looking distinctly unsmooshed


I have literally never ironed anything and see no reason to start! I make things messy as soon as they get on me, really, so ironing would be an actual waste of my time.


What ‘normal’ thing do you not have time for, or think is a waste of time? 



2 Replies to “Lunch Time Treats”

  1. I’m with you on the ironing. Everything I own is wash and wear, no point. I don’t have time for- hairdressers, painting my nails, deep cleaning, yard work 🙂 everybody’s got their priorities!

    1. Yep, saves a LOT of time and effort to be wash and wear.

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