I dont WANNA!

i dont wanna write!

I just haven’t felt like writing this week. I’m tired, plain and simple. I’m trying to get into a better sleeping habit as well, because I think that’s contributing to my tiredness.


I sit down and think about writing for this blog, and this is what goes through my head: “I don’t wanna!”

i dont wanna write!

This morning I got up an hour before my normal ‘day off’ time and forced myself out of bed. I plonked myself in front of my computer and started writing.


So in a way, I’m probably lying when I say I just haven’t felt like writing this week. I have felt like writing. It just hasn’t been for this blog. It has been for other projects, it has been for things that could morph into books or research thesis…I guess it’s been a bit of a brain download week for me. Just blurt it out. Get it out. Make sure the ideas are there and captured and you can keep writing about them at a later date. Or now.


And here’s something else that I learned. Don’t write at night when you’re very tired. Because you’ll end up accidentally deleting a chunk of work when you’re trying to check the word count. Ah! I didn’t manage to restore it, so I had to retype it. Boo.


So I guess my I don’t WANNA this week has just been that my mind is elsewhere. On loftier things, perhaps? I’ve semi told people about Vivid Ambition, which is a creatives for business site (and eCourse) that’s in the early development stages right now. OMG the amount of work I have to do with Vivid Ambition is crazy. I kind of wish I could get a VA to do stuff for me! One day, maybe! But what I haven’t told you about is my other baby project, Chalet Life Coaching. In a way, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve been busy, with developing Vivid Ambition’s course and creating content for two new websites.


Do you ever just NOT want to do something you like, such as writing? How do you overcome it? 

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  1. I have these weeks too. I try and not force it anymore. I find that I don’t write content that I’m happy with and I want it to be organic so I can enjoy the process. I just wait until I get the inspiration and then it flows and flows. Inspiration is usually just around the corner, so I just sit it out until it arrives 🙂 Here’s to a happy bloggy week next week!

    1. I think what was annoying me wasn’t that I should write, it’s that I wanted to write and didn’t know what about.

  2. Wow, sounds like you’re busy! I’ve just signed up for the VS mailing list, looking forward to it:)

    1. Thanks for signing up! I feel busy haha. I try not to take on too much at once but I’m pretty bad at stopping myself from doing it.

  3. I try not to force myself to write but it’s amazing what can be achieved when you put the time aside to focus on writing. 🙂

    1. I think I do use “I don’t wanna” as an excuse not to focus sometimes 🙂

  4. I generally just don’t do it – I tend not to force things. Unless somehting dire will happen, I will put the thing that is supposed to be done aside until I feel like doing it :p I think you’ve done well getting up to write! Go you!

    1. Sometimes I’m not sure writing about how I don’t feel like writing isn’t really writing haha

  5. I always wanna write but not always about what I HAVE to write about! I hear yah sista. But considering I’ve posted about 27 times in the past 25 days then I suppose I’m doing okay x

    1. Haha how is that blog every day going for you?

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