Weird Ways I Relax

Weird ways I relax

As someone who finds it hard to relax, I have had to develop somewhat of a formula when it comes to finding a way to zone out and relax.


Lounge Camping


We drag our mattress into the lounge room, set it down in front of the TV and watch some DVDs. Usually TV series. The best part is that the mattress is next to the couches on two sides, so it’s almost like I have a movie pit. It’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable as anything and it’s one of the few things that makes me just stop and stay still.


Buses and/or Train


If I’m on a bus or train for an hour or more, I get into a good zoning out space and I find that ideas flow in. I have to have a notebook on me to capture the ideas. I think maybe the rocking and bumps relax me and makes me think I’m doing something when I’m not.


Weird ways I relax


We had to do meditation in a class at one of my high schools and I was so good at it that I was kicked out of the class! My point is, don’t feel that you have to try what everyone else does to relax if you know it doesn’t work for you. If building a movie pit works for you, then embrace it. If meditation works for you, go for it!


Do you have any weird relaxation habits?


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  1. I have a great view of the river bed from my bedroom window so I like to lay down and write/read there with my two spoilt dogs beside me. Although one of them barks every time someone walks past which is unsettling.

    1. Oh that sound good! I’d love a spot like that.

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