What Do You Struggle With As A Blogger?

What do you struggle with as a blogger?

I’m really curious to hear from other bloggers about what they struggle with most. I’ve been wanting to create some free mini eCourses for a long time now but the biggest problem I’ve had is finding an area to focus on! Then I thought I would just ask.


What do you struggle with as a blogger?


I’ve had so many ideas flying around in my head this week that it has actually been hard to sleep. And then when I do sleep, I’m dreaming up ideas. I know my main goals going forwards but I can’t do just one thing. I also like to leave ideas marinating in my brain for a while to see how they develop.


So tell me, what do you struggle with as a blogger? Is it:

  • Time managment
  • Managing social media platforms
  • Content ideas
  • Keeping up with the latest information
  • Something totally different

Let me know in the comments what you struggle with as a blogger.


16 Replies to “What Do You Struggle With As A Blogger?”

  1. I struggle with time management. I have no idea how people with jobs and more than one kid manage to blog. Although it’s not necessarily the actual blog writing that I struggle with, it’s the networking stuff. I think most of my issues too are that I am just too good at procrastinating and I tend to faff about on the internet rather than doing stuff with my blog and catching up on commenting. I’m at my parents at the moment and I’m actually more organised now because I have been restricted to the Ipad instead of a laptop. I wonder if it’s worth doing that at home when I need to buckle down and work.

    1. That is the exact reason I can only use Pinterest on the iPad app – it forces me to only look at one thing at a time! I think if you can just find out what your time wasters are and work out how to avoid them it helps. For me it’s the Pinterest app. It sounds like writing on the iPad stops you from multitasking too.

  2. For me, the naughty girl who’s still on blogger, it’s knowing where to start to switch to self-hosted WordPress. Without losing comments. And being able to redirect. And… yeah, basically things like that! Things I could find out if I tried hard enough. Or paid someone awesome. I’m thinking Kelly. Oh well.

    1. Totally Kelly! She did mine last year – very fast and it kept all my comments etc. I did “lose” my overall stats because I didn’t own my domain so 26yearsandcounting.wordpress.com –> 26yearsandcounting.com logically it’s a different destination so you do lose that sort of thing! I just hadn’t thought about it before hand and it was like “What, I’ve had zero views ever…oh, that makes sense”.

  3. For me it’s content creation. Not just liking an idea enough to write about it, but the actual typing and scheduling of the post. This has got a lot easier since I started mainly blogging via my phone though- can do it while I commute. The other thing I struggle with is analytics- just don’t get them or know how to use!

    1. Ah ha, I will email you at some time about that first problem 🙂
      You’re on blogger, aren’t you? Do you have Google Analytics?

  4. I struggle with never feeling good enough and never feeling like I am doing enough to flog my blog. I love the writing side of things, it’s pimping it out that I’m not much good at.

    1. I have never really flogged my blog much – I just tweet new posts and that’s about it!

  5. I struggle with time management a lot. Some things that aren’t the main focus of blogging but needed, I put off until it’s too late. If only there were a few more hours in the day!

    1. It’s so hard to fit everything into one day – time management has been one of the biggest replies to this question.

  6. I would say for me it’s time management. I have an endless list of things to write about just no time.

    1. I think we all need something to just download from our brains 🙂

  7. Just before Problogger, Kelly did move my personal blog to a self-named domain so I can get going on my writing biz/blog. Now my name is out there in lights, I am a little paralysed as to what to write about going forward. I struggle with the networking part, especially due to the Perth time difference I am always playing catchup.

    1. Oh your blog looks great! I would start by going back over your posts and either using them for editorial calendar inspiration or to see what questions others have asked in the comments that you can expand on. Sometimes you just need a little prompt to get back into it 🙂

  8. Absolutely time management! And I’m feeling really uninspired with Facebook at the moment. I go through weird periods of motivation and then troughs of apathy.

    1. I always feel uninspired with Facebook haha. It’s nice and all, but I just feel they change things too much to convince me to invest time in it.

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