Comfort Lifestyle: Big W Flats

Comfort Lifestyle: Big W Flats

I started a lifestyle category a while back, as a way of including bits and pieces from my life. I couldn’t work out why, but it didn’t sit quite right with me. There was nothing outright wrong that I could place my finger on. Recently, it came to me. How I shop is very different to most. If something isn’t comfortable, I don’t buy it.


Cue lightbulb moment. If I’m going to write about these sorts of random things in my life, it has to be on my terms. Comfort. And so, Comfort Lifestyle was born.


Comfort Lifestyle: Big W Flats


So, what exactly is Comfort Lifestyle? It’s anything in my life that I think fits the description. I know, blogging and being able to call what you want anything that suits you is awesome.


Today, it’s about shoes. Which is funny because I hate shoe shopping. Or most types of shopping, really. I have wide and large feet, so any women’s shoes that might fit me, sell out pretty fast. It’s also not the sort of thing I have a huge budget for. I totally fluked out earlier this year and found some flats that I can actually wear:


BigW Shoes



What’s the big deal about that? Flats are everywhere. Flats that fit size 10, wide feet (for under $50) are rare. I’m not sure if these are still around as it was a couple of months ago that I bought them. They’re decent enough for the price – $35 (though I bought them on sale for a bit less). Naturally, they’re not lasting as well as a more expensive pair would, but it’s acceptable enough for the bargain price.


Do you have shoe and budget issues? Where do you go for reliable clothing or footwear? 


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  1. My biggest comfort clothing discovery lately has been print/ponte/harem pants. They are a revelation. First time in years I’ve worn pants that are not work ones or jeans! I’m planning on living in them now!
    Unfortunately I have to spend a lot now to make my feet comfortable – damn heel spurs! But I only buy Ziera shoes now. They’re hardy and kind of fashionable so you get a good quality product for what you pay for.

    1. I found harem-type pants but they were a bit too thin. I like them though & they’re not too bad for summer.

  2. I have trouble buying shoes because I’m a size 5. Big W, Target and Kmart don’t even stock shoes my size! So when I do find ones I like at shor stores, I have to take the plunge and buy them before they sell out.

    1. Opposite end of the spectrum, but same problem then!

  3. I always spend big $ on shoes, except for TOMS which are just awesome. I can’t scrimp on quality because I walk every where and pleather eats my feet so it’s got to be real leather!

    1. If I can up my work to full time (I’ve been part time most of this year) a decent pair of shoes I can wear to work and walk in are VERY much on my shopping list!

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