Things I’ve Learned While Being Busy

Things I've Learned While Being Busy

As I’ve mentioned, life has been a bit hectic recently. I’m not a fan of busy, but it does happen and sometimes we can’t mitigate it entirely. I’ve been trying to make sure I enjoy life while being busy. My new blog post series every Sunday, called What I Loved, has really helped me to remember the good things each week. But being busy in itself can be a lesson. Here are the things I’ve learned while being busy.


Things I've Learned While Being Busy


You Can Say No

When you’re busy, you have to learn how to say no. There are a million and one ways you can do this, and I encourage you to Google it to find the technique that works best for you. When you have said no, other people will lament on the things you missed. Sometimes more than once. That’s ok. Generally speaking, most people do understand, but just wish you had been there because they like your company. Of course, there are petty & passive aggressive people who lament just to try and guilt you, but also, get rid of those people from your life…


Dropping Commitments Is OK

Sometimes you need to focus on yourself. Pretty much all I’ve done for the past few weeks is work, eat, sleep. I didn’t even blog or write much because I felt too “full”. I felt like anything I wrote would be utter crap and totally illogical. I have about twenty posts in my drafts but even then, I didn’t feel like I was able to finish any of them off in any kind of decent manner.


Note What You Actually Do

Being busy can actually help you focus. It brings you right back to what you need, not what you think you need. A large part of me has a want, and possibly even a need, to blog. But what I know I actually needed was sleep, a shower and good food. Sometimes you need something (in this case, being too busy) to bring you back to basics.


Moderate Your Mood

Be mindful of your mood. Just becuase you are busy or tired, does not mean you can treat others differently. I tend to get snippy at people when I’m tired. I don’t want to explain anything. I just want you to know what I want. Mind reading isn’t hard, is it? I’m so very far from perfect in this area, but I have started to recognise when I do it sooner, so that’s progress.


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What’s your tip for managing busy times?


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22 Replies to “Things I’ve Learned While Being Busy”

  1. I’ve been learning lots of lessons lately, I’m trying not to overplay the word busy but sometimes it’s the only real way to describe just how things are.

    1. I know, it’s a terrible buzz word but sometimes it’s just true.

  2. It’s easier to say no to something when you’re really busy and can’t actually fit it into your schedule. I guess the key for me is to say no before I’m busy to prevent being overwhelmed. With a baby and little kids, it’s easier to say no I think. Great post and will help people entering the crazy Christmas season.

    1. Being busy does help as a filter sometimes. And I suppose a baby and younglings are an excuse people won’t argue with πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent points! It’s important to be kind to yourself, listen to what you need and to let go of those things that are just not essential. There is nothing worse than living in a state of chronic stress (and usually you don’t know you are) and suffering the fall out as a result. I’ve been there. πŸ˜‰ x

    1. I think the worst part is not knowing how busy & stressed you are until AFTER – hindsight is wonderful but if you don’t know it at the time, you can’t change it.

  4. I’ve definitely been over-scheduling myself and my family on the weekends recently and I know this because we are all starting to get tired and grumpy! Snapping at each other is a sign that I need to wind things back to make sure we all get a bit more rest – especially at this time of the year when things are already a bit hectic!!

    1. Snapping at people is the one I find hardest to control. I’m faster at recognising it now and giving myself space though.

  5. My life has been crazy busy the last few month mostly due to running my own business AND studying for a Cert 4 in Small Business Management, but I knew it would be worth it in the long run, and I was right. What I learned on the course has really helped me make my business more efficient and now I am enjoying the rewards!!!! And I’m not so busy but still making the same money! Yeah!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

    1. Yay! Good to hear the course is helping you. I love studying haha. If I won lotto, I would probably become a perpetual student πŸ™‚

  6. Oh I can so relate to getting snippy when you are tired. I get very ‘look at that bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place’ when I am mentally tired. It’s great that you are learning things from being busy but I hope that things settle down for you again soon.

    1. It’s the weirdest things that become offensive when you’re tired. Although anyone who brings yummy smelling food on trains in peak hour will always be hated by me haha.

  7. I’m a grumpy piece of work when I’m busy too. I snap like a crocodile and it’s backfired on me many times. I’m beginning to mellow as I grow older… or maybe I’m just not as busy now πŸ™‚

    1. This week I snapped at people who were pulling passive-aggressive crap on me – I hate it at the best of times but even more so when I just have stuff on my plate.

  8. I have been super busy all this year. I have had to learn how to say no especially to my family who always rely on me to do stuff for them. Writing lists at work is what I do now to make me feel like I accomplished something.

    1. It’s hard when people have that habit of relying on you – it’s a very difficult habit to break.

  9. I think learning to say no is a great one. If only I was better at it! I find lists are what helps see me through when I’m busy. That and at least 15 minutes a day for me to take some time out for myself.

    1. Time out is so important, and can be the difference between being overwhelmed and busy but managing.

  10. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    (just practicing, I’m lousy at it!)

    1. You’re not supposed to say no to saying no!! πŸ™‚

  11. Great points. I tend to get busy and overwhelmed and more busy and it’s a vicious cycle of crazy. I need to work on saying no and being ok with breaking commitments if need be.

    1. I tend to cut back from most things when I’m busy – I just stay home and bunker down! It’s not terribly social of me but it gets me through it.

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